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GOAL: Find common ground on climate change and convince Congress to act to reduce our country’s climate-warming emissions.
Americans are already experiencing the effects of climate change, 从强大的风暴, 到更频繁的洪水, 恶化的野火和更多. And yet, Congress remains gridlocked when it comes to climate action.
There’s a tragic irony at the heart of that gridlock: Many of the elected representatives in Washington, D.C. who oppose climate action represent the very communities that lie in the paths of the hurricanes, 洪水和野火因气候变化而加剧.
A majority of people who live in these vulnerable communities are concerned about the risks of global warming. But with the public dialogue split between outright climate denial and plans to restructure our entire society, 在气候解决方案上的鸿沟似乎比以往任何时候都要大. 这就是我们努力弥合气候差异的原因.
  • <h4>WE’RE ALREADY EXPERIENCING THE EFFECTS OF CLIMATE CHANGE</h4><h5>Stronger storms, sunny day flooding and sea level rise are threatening coastal communities. Droughts and worsening wildfire seasons threaten communities elsewhere. 结果? 数百万美国人面临失去家园的危险.</h5><em>FEMA via Public Domain</em>
  • <h4>A DISCONNECT BETWEEN PEOPLE AND THEIR REPRESENTATIVES</h4><h5>Many of the elected officials who oppose climate action represent communities that are the most vulnerable to climate change.</h5><em>Songquan Deng via Shutterstock</em>
  • <h4>WE CAN BRIDGE THE DIVIDE BETWEEN AMERICANS ON CLIMATE CHANGE</h4><h5>Polls show that solar and wind energy enjoy bipartisan popular support. And millions of Americans care about the nation's historic sites, 军事基地和消防站, all of which need protection from the effects of climate change.</h5><em>工作人员</em>

赢得具体的气候行动, we have to address the disconnect between the communities that are directly affected by climate change and the representatives who too often vote the wrong way.

It’s absurd that millions of people are at risk of losing their homes and businesses — and yet, 我们继续肆意地燃烧化石燃料, 我们的领导人无法就常识性解决方案达成一致.

与此同时, we’re losing our nation’s natural and historic coastal treasures to sea level rise, 晴天洪水泛滥和极端风暴潮. We're even losing entire communities to wildfires that grow ever more ferocious.

随着气候变化的影响越来越难以忽视, we can begin to bridge the divide between Americans and find common ground on commonsense solutions.


和那些已经同意我们的人交谈是不够的. We need to broaden support for climate action across the country, 无论政治立场. And we know it’s possible: Climate solutions like wind and solar energy are popular among people with a diverse array of political views — even among those who are skeptical of climate science.

And we need to show our elected officials the political cost for voting against forward-thinking climate policy, and the political benefits of supporting the policies their constituents want.


  • 通过我们的“体育外围之强”活动,支持急救人员, which calls for solar and battery backup solutions on every fire station across the country.
  • Partnering with historic preservationists to raise awareness and save our nation’s historic sites from extreme weather and sea level rise.
  • Working with local officials to increase energy efficiency and expedite the transition to clean energy in counties and towns across the country.
  • Amplifying the voices of doctors and nurses who are seeing the devastating impacts of climate change on their patients’ health in their offices every day.
  • Working with retired military leaders and veterans to speak about the impacts of the changing climate on critical military infrastructure.

这些解决方案的核心是我们都认同的价值观, 从促进公共安全和提高社区复原力, to protecting our families’ health and conserving our beautiful natural and historic areas.

我们的全国网络从沿海各州开始, 哪里有海平面上升的明显威胁, 极端天气和风暴潮. 几乎一半的美国人.S. 众议院代表沿岸社区.

加州环境 and our national network have a track record of success in finding common ground among Americans with diverse political views. We helped win the recent passage of the Great American Outdoors Act — which secured billions in funding for our parks and public lands — and we’ve convinced states from Virginia to New Mexico to 加州 commit to renewable energy.


为了天堂的人们, 加州, 或墨西哥海滩, 佛罗里达, 或艾莉卡市, 马里兰, 已经太迟了. Paradise — a small mountain town in the Sierra Nevada — was devastated by the Camp Fire of 2018. The town burned down within hours, and 84 members of the community ultimately lost their lives. The storm surge from 2018’s Hurricane Michael swept away block after block in Mexico Beach on the rural panhandle of 佛罗里达. 和艾莉卡城, 建于1772年的一个殖民地城镇, 面对两个毁灭性的“1,三年内发生的大洪水, 摧毁了历史悠久的市中心.

Bridging the climate divide will allow us to roll up our sleeves and begin to implement comprehensive climate solutions much more quickly and efficiently. 而不是争吵, our leaders will bring their communities and followers along in support of the solutions. And, by joining together, we can leave our children and our grandchildren a healthier, safer future.


The Solar Strong act would support first responders and boost renewable energy by requiring solar and battery backup systems on every fire station across the country. 告诉你的代表支持它.